Jeff Life, United States

Hi Jan,
It's already over 4 years ago since I bought NL.09-1103845 & NL.10-1618350 from your private loft. 09-845 is from “Half-brother Lindsey” & “Debbie” and 10-350 is from “Brother Super Wil” & “Kleine Zwarte” but I am sure you remember them as you advised them to me to give my long distance team a boost.
Both have bred me top 600 & 700 mi Pigeons that put Life Loft as one of the top long distance Lofts in the “AU” Most of my birds are Huysken Van Riels, they cross well with the Aarden's my best birds are 75% HVR 25% Aarden
Thank Jan, your birds give me top birds and I will never forget what you did for me.
Best regards,
Jeff Life “Life Loft”
United States