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There is a shipment to Tenerife next week

There is a shipment to Tenerife next week

Dec 12, 2017 2:27 PM

Good news for the guys at Tenerife, I am making final arrangements for a shipment to Tenerife next week. We have room for a few more birds. So if you are from Tenerife (or La Palma) this is the time to act.

I sell quality birds and not the latest market driven nonsense. Across Europe in Auctions pigeons reach soaring prices and many of these go to the Far East which means it is much harder to obtain good quality pigeons for a modest price. At Europigeons.nl there are no auctions, no false bidding to get extra money out of pockets of the fanciers, for promotion reasons. I belong to the best in Holland on the Long Distance races. This way I make it easier to obtain pigeons directly from the best pigeons in Europe.
Please keep in mind that not all birds I have on stock are listed at our website. Is the pigeon or strain you are looking for not listed? Don't worry, contact me I am sure I can help you anyway...
Best regards,
Jan de Wijs
Europigeons.nl - Quality is a choice!
Zwethkade Zuid 29b, 2635 CV Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
0031610746683 | sales@europigeons.nl | www.europigeons.nl

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